Review of Sole F80 – What You Need to Know

There are so many options out there for people who want to get fit or stay fit. But does that mean that going for a jog in the rainy weather or spending a ton of cash on a gym membership are the only options available to you?

Not at all – how about looking into a top-quality exercise machine for your home. All you have to do is decide which type of machine best suits your needs. Let’s make it easy for you – the treadmill is the most popular exercise equipment for home use and many exercise brands obviously have them in their product portfolios.

Let’s go a step further and narrow it down with a review for the Sole F80 – it’s one of the best high-quality treadmills in the market today.

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What We Really Like

  • The ability to fold and move the Sole F80 – The origin for the folding design stemmed from the hotel industry when the market demanded a treadmill that could effortlessly be moved from room to room. This brand then introduced this very stable and qualitatively superior exercise machine that folds seamlessly and with ease. And the excellent thing about it is that you can move it around without any effort whosoever – perfect for the home.
  • It purrs like a kitten – The Sole F80 is one of the quietest treadmills on the market. The high-performance motor and the moving parts hardly make a sound when in operation.
  • Perfect for runners – The 3.5 continuous horsepower motor is ideal for reaching higher speeds. In addition, the track is designed with runners in mind – 22 inches by 60-inches, running smoothly on 2.5-inch rollers – see our top picks if you like running.
  • Large display – What we really loved while reviewing the Sole F80 was the sizeable nine-inch screen. It is so convenient if you want to keep an eye out on the progress of your workout.

Things We Did Not Love

  • Slow speed changing – When we reviewed the Sole F80, we discovered that when running that the speed change was delayed and not as fast as one would one. It also makes interval training more of a challenge.
  • Assembly can be a bit of an adventure – Because the instructions are not particularly clear – the diagrams are far too small.

How It’s Different

Dashboard of f 80

For starters, at nine inches, the Sole F80 has one of the largest LCD screens for an exercise machine in this price category – it’s absolutely perfect if you want to review your workout progress regularly.

Also, included are ten pre-defined workout programs; Bluetooth connectivity for your smart device so that you can listen to all to your favorite tracks and connect to your fitness apps and stay on top of your workout both on the treadmill and off of it. Besides, a chest strap for heart rate monitoring comes with the exercise machine without extra cost – or if you prefer, you can use the dedicated heart rate monitoring bar up front.

When we reviewed the Sole F80, we immediately noticed how powerful it is. And most of all, you almost get the performance of a commercial treadmill for a really low price. And it all boils down to the 3.5 continuous horsepower motor that reaches speeds of 12 mph – it’s more than powerful enough for high-performance runners.

Finally, the CushionFlex Whisper Deck reduces the impact of the surface by forty percent compared to asphalt or outdoor running tracks – it is almost like running from cloud to cloud.

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About the Company

Sole Fitness has their origins in the industrial sporting equipment industry catering to hotels with their full range of fitness equipment. The company still has ties with large hotel chains like Hilton and Omni Hotels. If you think about it, that is endorsement enough for the folding Sole F80 treadmill that is also used in hotel rooms because of its simple mobility.

Presently, Sole Fitness also caters to the residential market with a wide range of workout products like indoor bikes, both upright and recumbent, the elliptical, rowing machines and steppers. As you can see they cover the entire spectrum of machines in the exercise industry.

Sole Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness brands in the world – their popularity has spread from the commercial side of things to include the residential market. The main reason for this stellar growth is that the company managed to project their expertise garnered in the hotel business and projected it onto the residential fitness market.

As a result, the brand can offer qualitatively superior equipment with top-of-range technology and motors at very competitive prices.

Do some more reviewing for peace of mind and when you are ready to check out the company website where they sell over eighty percent of their products for more information.

Summary of Sole F80 Review & Ratings

9.1 Total Score
Great Pick

What we find exceptional and what the reviews claim is that the Sole F80 treadmill is a qualitatively superior fitness machine for a great price – you won’t see the same sturdiness and such a powerful motor in many other exercise products for a similar price.

Noise / Space
Motor / Horsepower
Belt / Deck
Value / Cost
Brand Warranty

In summary, the Sole F80 is ideal for walking, jogging and especially for running. The powerful motor, track cushioning and sturdy frame allow for a hardcore workout without suffering from pressure to the joints.

Overall, a truly excellent product with a large nine-inch display.