Review of Sole F63 (Our Thoughts and Rating)

Working out at home does not have to be as expensive as a gym membership. Now, you may ask yourself how this is possible? Buying a treadmill for my house is undoubtedly more costly than any gym membership. The good news is that this is not necessarily the case.

We reviewed the Sole F63 and discovered that you could get this excellent treadmill for a pretty good price that need not break the bank. If you buy directly from the company website, you can get your hands on the Sole F63 for $999.

Whoa – that’s a lot of cash to spend on a treadmill. Not really. If you workout regularly, you would not only save time by going to the gym but also money over time as the upfront expense amortizes over time.

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Things We Liked

  • Free chest strap included in the price – If you take your workout seriously, you would surely want to monitor your heartbeat to see how you are progressing and maintain a steady beat at the same time for optimal calorie burn. The heart rate chest strap used to be optional and purchased for an extra cost. Now, it is supplied with the exercise machine, and you can use it in conjuncture with two heart rate based workout programs.
  • New and improved surface track – The revamped Sole F63 comes with an extra five inches of track, bring the total exercise surface to 60 inches long x twenty inches wide. In addition, the shock absorption is far better, and when reviewing this machine, we found that there is hardly any pressure on the joints.
  • 3 CHP motor – With a top speed of twelve miles per hour and a fifteen percent incline even top performance runners can get a bang for their buck – see our highest-rated options for a runner. The motor runs smoothly and thanks to cooling technology, any exerciser can train for longer durations without the motor overheating.
  • One of the best warranties in the industry – This machine comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor – wow! Compare that to many other brands only offering ninety-day warranties. You also get a three-year parts warranty coupled with one year of promised labor should anything go wrong with your exercise equipment.

Features We Didn’t Like

  • A limited amount of entertainment features – Compared to other treadmills, the Sole F63’s overall entertainment offering is not as broad as one might want. Also, the app occasionally has trouble staying connected to the machine and when it loses connectivity all of the data is lost.
  • Not the quietest treadmill on the market – While reviewing, we discovered that the Sole F63 is not as noiseless as some other machines in the market. Having said that, there is nothing that truly beats it at a $999 price.
  • The unit is heavy – Although heaviness contributes to the sturdiness of the exercise machine, it can be somewhat cumbersome to move the machine when it is folded – go to our list of foldable models. Leaving it unfolded takes up a lot of floor space.

Why We Recommend It

After the review, we can safely recommend the Sole F63 with a clear conscience. It is one of the best treadmills in the market for slightly under $1,000.

The attribute we loved most is the extended track that can accommodate runners with the sixty inches in length and the 20 inches in width. No matter how long your stride, this treadmill can handle it with ease for longer durations thanks to the 3 CHP motor with cooling. Before you know it, you will be running at a speed of twelve miles per hour – that is if you can handle the pace. If you’re a walking type, make sure to go to our top choices for walkers.

Another characteristic that lets it stand out from the rest is the sidebar controls – instead of having to reach over the front console, you can quickly change the speed and the incline with a few simple taps to the sidebar.

This treadmill has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can listen to your favorite tracks on the inbuilt speakers that pack quite a punch considering their small size. Also, you can download the Sole fitness app so that you can track your performance.

Finally, as we have already seen, the extended and full-coverage warranty knocks most other brands out of the water.

About the Brand

Sole Fitness is an American brand that has been in the exercise business for years. The company offers every kind of workout equipment – anything really, like indoor bikes – upright and recumbent – elliptical machines, treadmills, and rowers.

The brand is also synonymous with quality, honesty (warranties) and durability. Initially, the firm focused on commercial exercise products for hotels, gyms and other business venues. As one of the fastest growing brands in the US and Canada, it has also entered the residential market and that with great success.

This company bases its colossal success mainly on price. Consumers who buy their products know that they will get great value for money. The exercise machines are of superior quality for the money compared to the competition – a fact we can concur with based on our review of the Sole F63.

Their biggest strength is that they use their extensive experience in the commercial arena and have adapted it to the average home consumer. You can’t get much better than that. You can more or less get something close to a premium exercise machine for less than a thousand Dollars.

Summary of Sole F63 Review & Ratings

9 Total Score

Genuinely exceptional is what you get for your money, and this is not only us who are talking – read the consumer reviews for more proof. The quality compared to the amount of money you spend is astounding – it’s almost like a premium exercise machine.

Noise / Space
Motor / Horsepower
Belt / Deck
Value / Cost
Brand Warranty

In summary, after having read consumer reviews and our in-depth research, we can agree that the Sole F63 delivers on its promises for a supremely competitive price. If you want to transport the gym to your home, Sole Fitness really get the job done.