Our List of Treadmill Reviews for 2018

In the following article, we will look into three different treadmills and their benefits. We will review and rate them so that you have a head start when you begin your hunt for the ideal workout equipment.

Moving on, we will dive right in as to why you should consider buying a treadmill in the first place. Also, we will help you decide what type of machine to choose from depending on whether you walk or run.

Yes, it matters – each group has different needs when it comes to the construction and functionality of the machine. We have reviewed treadmills below so make sure to take your time and pick which ever suit you ideally.

But more importantly, why should you even consider getting a treadmill for you home? Does it make sense? Are they not far to expensive and wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to the gym or run outside and be done with it?

If you’re super disciplined and are always committed to your workout routine, by all means stick to it, your lucky person. Most of us are not like you. We need prompting and that on a daily basis. If we don’t get it, it is back to the couch for us because our day has been ‘oh’ so stressful and full.

Our 3 Reviews of Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750


  • Free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Patented coaching control
  • Lifetime frame and motor warranty

Our Ratings: 9.5/10

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of the most recommended treadmills on the market today. There are many reasons why the reviews for this particular product are so positive. For one, this exercise machine is durable, of good quality and it gets the job done.

And it is fun too – while you are stepping away on the NordicTrack treadmill whether, at a leisurely walk or a run, you get to choose the patented coaching control, which allows you to monitor your results – you won’t shirk getting your exercise on this top-quality product because the integrated coach knows where you are at.

If you want a more intense training regimen, simply tap on the seven-inch HD touchscreen controller and choose between a max. fifteen percent incline and a three percent decline. If you want to add more spice to the proceedings, then pick any location and choose from over 12,000 workout programs.

Overall, the NordicTrack is an excellent high-end product.

Sole F80


  • Excellent promos throughout the year
  • Sole app available for workout tracking
  • User-friendly console for easy exercise monitoring

Our Ratings: 9.3/10

Sole F80 an excellent best-rated treadmill for an even better price. Any buyer can rest assured when considering investing in this workout machine for your home or the office. Free shipping and a money-back guarantee make the global shopping experience a breeze and without worry or hassle.

Before you know it, you will be training on your Sole treadmill and work up a sweat. The controls on the vibrant display are easy to use. Various intensity levels are available if you want to reach inclines of about fifteen percent and declines of five percent – great for muscle build-up and cardio-training.

As a runner, you will find the cushioned track perfect because it reduces pressure to the joints in comparison to asphalt by forty percent – of course, if you’re a tough guy, you can keep the original setting. The built-in speaker and Bluetooth capabilities allow you to listen to your favorite tracks while you train.

An ideal foldable treadmill. See our complete review here.

ProForm Pro 2000


  • Free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring
  • LiveCast classes – like a workout in the gym

Our Ratings: 9.3/10

The ProForm Pro 2000 bedazzles with the seamless incline training facility that enables you to burn even more calories than usual. With a simple tap to the built-in seven-inch screen, you can reach incline levels of about fifteen percent and a three percent decline. It is like running up a steep hill, but far softer because of the cushioned running track.

Overall, you will become a better runner because of the variety. Also, with a 3.5 continuous horsepower Commercial motor, you can reach a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour – it’s ideal for both the hardcore runner and the more leisurely-paced walker. And don’t worry about the motor overheating because it self-cools efficiently.

While you are on the move, place your tablet in the specially integrated holder for more tracking and entertainment, and you are good to go.

And when you are done and need the space in your home, the hydraulic Easy-Lift will effortlessly lift your treadmill into a vertical position.

For more information, check out our in-depth review here.

Why You Should Buy a Treadmill

Really Good List of Products


The workout on a best-rate treadmill is perfect for muscle, endurance and cardio training no matter the weather conditions. Without even batting an eyelid you can start your fitness regimen in the comfort of your home.

Jogging is one of the oldest workout fads around – maybe calling it a trend is a wrong terminology because even though running became fashionable in the seventies, it is still with us today and is as popular as ever. Whether you go outside or to the gym, you will encounter people happily pounding away on the track or the path and burning those calories.

Top-quality treadmills online not only deliver the best workout venue but also you can use the innovative displays for infotainment and tracking. And to create more outdoor authenticity, choose from multiple programs and places all over the world – before you know it, you will be running by the sea in Italy.

Very Convenient

Let’s face it; convenience is one of the most important attributes when it comes to staying fit. Our busy lives often impede and discourage us from staying fit because we simply do not have the time or the nerve to get out there and workout.

However, if you invest in a running machine, you no longer have the excuse not to move. Your workout is only a few steps away. You can prepare your favorite keep-fit and healthy beverage in the comfort of your kitchen and step on the track and start running or walking. And even better, you don’t have to listen to the music played at the gym or brave the snow and sleet in the winter.

It is super convenient no matter what!

When you are done – step off the band – fold the treadmill away if you have space constraints in your home and hit the privacy of your shower.

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Different Types Analyzed

Reviewed Machines

For Home Use

As we have seen in the product reviews at the beginning of this article, ordering, paying and the delivery of your new training equipment is as simple as can be. Most recommended brands offer free shipping straight to your door. And for peace of mind, money-back guarantees are standard in the industry in case you are dissatisfied.

There are so many different types of the treadmill in the market today that you can find whatever you are looking for – if you have a dedicated workout space in your home, you can opt for a larger model that does not fold. On the other hand, if space is an issue, look out for practical and workable folding products – everyone wins.

Find out which home treadmills are the best-rated here.

For Runners

Runners need to look out for different criteria in running machines to walkers. For one, the increased pressure applied to the track due to the fast motion and amplified body weight burden make a thicker and more durable running surface a must. Cushioning is another factor worth looking into because of the joints and muscles.

Secondly, the length of the track should be no shorter than 55 inches – better still choose treadmills with sixty-inch range because of longer leg strides. The motor for hardcore runners should have no less than 3.5 horsepower.

See our list of top-rated treadmills for people who love running.


Commercial training equipment needs to be durable. The reasons for this are manifold. The main one being that the frequent use by different people increases the probability of faster wear-and-tear over time.

Also, commercial treadmills must be multi-faceted. In other words, the machine needs to cater to walkers, joggers, and runners at the same time. This affects track length, track width, track thickness and incline and decline options.

Folding and storing of the equipment may not be as important as for home use, however, being able to move it helps for cleaning.


Walkers are a different animal altogether. While the runner needs speed and durability, the walker requires enough track width. However, due to a smaller leg stride, the track does not need to be as long (50 inches suffices). Also, the treadmill need not be as pressure resistant because less force is applied to the band.

This type of exerciser primarily focuses on heart rate and calorie burning instead of endurance and muscle build-up. Also, they may prefer a more interactive touchscreen for entertainment and stats.

If you’re a walker do some reviewing – the right product is out there.

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Our Final Thoughts

As we have seen reviewing the best top-quality treadmill can change the way we see exercising. It is convenient, practical and gets the job done. We have seen that weather is no longer an issue – so, no more excuses can be accepted.

Your workout is only a few steps away!

And most of all it is fun. Top brands offer a plethora of options to spice up the training experience no matter whether you are a walker, jogger or a runner. And thankfully you now have the information to make the right purchasing decision.