Review of proForm Machines

ProForm exercise machines belong to the best of breed equipment for walkers and joggers alike. The company had been around for a number of years, and they are branching out into the high-end exercise segment more and more.

The ProForm treadmill brand is known for excellent specification via their various products that cater to a vast set of price points. They cover almost everything that any discerning sportsperson might want in terms of durability, longevity, technology, motors, track performance and the plethora of other options that enhance any workout experience.

If you read the reviews, you will immediately see that this company has many satisfied customers who cannot imagine exercising with any other piece of equipment.

For this reason, we want to take a closer look and see what all of the fuss is about.

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Our Favorite Treadmills

It has a comprehensive product offering of fitness equipment ranging from the elliptical to the treadmill. They are literally the one-stop-shop for top exercise machines for pretty much anything.   

And notably, ProForm treadmills come in all shapes and sizes with a broad array of features that enhance any workout session.

In this section, we have listed our favorite products in their range for reviewing and compiled what we deem as their best attributes. You will get a detailed overview of the product so that you can better base your buying decision.

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In conclusion, we will summarize what we liked and disliked most about what ProForm has to offer so that you have a concise overview of all the pros and cons.

What We Loved…

  • iFit and Android technology – Inspires you to do more. A broad selection of worldwide workouts to keep any serious exerciser on the go – anybody can have fun and sweat at the same time while working those leg muscles.
  • Personal trainer – This feature allows for automatic change for the incline and decline features according to the terrain you are running on. It is like the real thing outside.
  • High-performance motors – It has nothing under 3.0 horsepower. Each product can pack a punch and last for the full extent of your workout no matter the speed.

What We Didn’t Like…

  • Difficult to assemble – It is entirely a challenge when a ProForm arrives at your door – you really have to know what you are doing.
  • Customer service – It can be frustrating when certain parts are missing, and customer service is not as helpful as one might like.

Understanding the Different Versions

Reviewing Product

Pro Series

The ProForm Pro Series treadmill comes in two distinct models – The Pro 2000 (review here) and the Smart Pro 5000 – the two versions mainly differ in motor power. The Pro 2000 has a 3.5 CHP motor, and the Smart Pro 5000 boasts a whopping 4.0 CHP motor.

Concerning capacity when running at higher speeds, both motors have cooling and are more than sufficient for high-intensity runners (see our top treadmill picks for runners). Also, the performance is consistent for longer durations so that you won’t have to worry about your ProForm machine overheating in the middle of your workout.

For more an intense workout for your calves and upper leg muscles, you can adjust the incline and decline while you are on the go by tapping on the state-of-the-art touchscreen display – the incline or decline will automatically change without you losing a single stride.

And the reviews mirror our test – this is a great all-round treadmill manufactured by the ProForm brand.

Power Series

The Power Series treadmill by ProForm is quite a bit cheaper than the models as mentioned above. But don’t let that deceive you. You get an excellent workout on this machine despite the lower price. The quality is the same as the higher priced models, albeit you get a slightly weaker motor.

However, the 3.0 CHP motor is more than sufficient if you want to run at higher speeds at smooth and constant power, reaching a maximum speed of 12 mph.

Supporting the motor is the running band that is sixty inches long and 20 inches wide. No matter how large your stride, the surface offers more than enough space for running comfortably. The ProShox Cushioning provides a smooth run, alleviating pressure off of the joints while you are on the move.

The display is less high-tech than the Pro Series and also if you want to measure your heart rate you need to hold onto the handgrip sensors instead of having a Bluetooth enabled strap-on sensor.

Performance Series

ProFrom offers two different models in the Performance Series that vary in price. The cheapest treadmill sells online for $599, while the most expensive in the series retails for $1,299. But if you review the website, you will see that both models sell at a serious discount.

The ProForm Performance 400 I treadmill, the cheapest of the two, is probably better suited for walkers as the motor with 2.5 CPH can only achieve a max. speed of 10 mph. also, the track is not as wide and extended at 20” x 55”.

The ProForm Performance 600 I treadmill is the more expensive of the two we reviewed in the series. Like its sibling, it has all the add-ons like ProSox cushioning, the iPod compatible audio, various workout programs and more. The 2.75 CPH motor is a little bit more powerful and can last for the duration of the workout. And the track is long enough for running at 60 inches.

Our Final Thoughts

In summary, after reviewing porForm treadmill it is safe to say that this company has excellent products that cater to any workout type. We reviewed them all and had a lot of fun. You definitely not look past this brand when you are on the lookout for new running equipment.