Review of ProForm Pro 2000 – Rated by Our Experts

In the world of treadmills, the ProForm Pro 2000 is one of the best folding machines on the market. It is an ideal addition to your home if you want the comfort of exercising indoors. We reviewed this excellent and qualitatively superior fitness machine, and we certainly weren’t disappointed in the least.

It does not only save space in your home, but you also get the treadmill for a very competitive price –purchase directly from the company website for the 1,299 deal instead of 1,999.

It’s the company’s premium entry model in the very well-liked Pro series – it’s the ideal match if you are either a walker or a runner. Just be aware before we dive right into the review that you can only access iFit via your tablet.

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You Should Consider Buying it If

  • The variety of training programs is important to you – With this equipment, you get thirty-two exercise programs focusing on all the most critical areas like incline training, high-intensity training, interval training and targeted programs for weight loss and calorie burn. Besides, everything is IFit compatible. You can connect your smart device to the treadmill for additional IFit fun and terrain variety via Google Maps.
  • You’re looking for a competitive and fair warranty – A lifetime warranty for the motor and frame, five years for parts and two years of labor strand out in the industry.
  • You need a great track – It has enough space on the cushioned track – sixty inches long and twenty-two inches wide – for both walkers (click here) and runners (go here). Also, the rear-end roller has a 2.5-inch diameter, helping to reduce wear-and-tear far better than the competition of similarly priced machines.
  • You want a foldable option – The easy foldability was one of our favorite attributes when we reviewed this machine. The Shock Assist Technology makes it easy to shift the equipment into a vertical position – make sure to check out our highest-rated foldable treadmill options.

This Product Isn’t for You If

  • You don’t want certain hiccups when it’s delivered – From what we gleaned from the reviews and some more detailed research, we discovered that the ProForm Pro 2000 is occasionally delivered with imperfections. Yes, they do have a money-back guarantee, but it can be expensive to ship the machine back, and it is a hassle to do so.
  • You need fast customer service – From our own experience and the reviews, we, unfortunately, have to say that the customer service is not what it should be – responses are slow.

Why It’s Different

Dashboard of the 2000 series

The versatility is what make this machine stand out – it is suitable for walkers, joggers and runners alike. And also, you can do some serious interval training on this equipment.

The 3.5 continuous-duty horsepower motor is perfect for reaching higher speeds for extended durations. In addition, it’s a rare find for such an elevated performance in its price range as most other brands have weaker motors. The motor can also handle heavier individuals effortlessly.

We could not help but notice the 22 by 60-inch track while reviewing. The total track surface that is not covered by shrouds at all is surprising for any treadmill in this price category. And the width of twenty-two inches is very comfortable, especially for runners. However, there need to be certain sacrifices. And we found one – the belt is one ply instead of the better-suited two-ply used my other brands this price segment.

It comes with thirty-two workout programs. You don’t really need iFit even though you can connect your tablet to the machine with Bluetooth. What we really liked were the inbuilt speakers that have excellent quality sound.

Company Overview

Icon Health and Fitness manufactures has the best-selling ProForm Pro 2000 along with other fitness equipment in the NordicTrack stable of products. The company is renowned for producing workout machines at very competitive prices – a leading consumer magazine even gave it a best buy rating.

ProForm Pro 2000’s parent company is the world’s largest producer of exercise equipment, which operates out of nine locations, including operations abroad. Icon Health and Fitness manufactures a wide range of fitness products, comprising elliptical trainers, indoor bikes, treadmills and weight machines. The brand also holds 250 patents.

The company also caters to the commercial market for gyms, national teams, government and private organizations and health clubs. Icon Health and Fitness do not only limit the selling and presentation of their products to the online space, but they also have showrooms in diverse locations across the globe.

Overall, consumers hold the full stable of brands in the Icon Health and Fitness family on a high pedestal. And we can concur after reviewing this fitness machine, which is a very impressive treadmill for the price – you get high quality with multiple programs for a fitter you.

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Summary of ProForm Pro 2000 Review & Ratings

9.1 Total Score
Truly Outstanding

We found two attributes genuinely outstanding. For one the size of the track that fully utilized the sixty-inch length without compromising any space due to shrouds. And secondly, the 3.5 CHP motor amazes for the price – it is difficult to find anything similar or $1,299.

Noise / Space
Motor / Horsepower
Belt / Deck
Value / Cost
Brand Warranty

In summary, if you don’t want to spend an overly large amount on your treadmill, then you can’t do much better than the ProForm Pro 2000. The machine has everything any discerning walker, jogger or runner would want. It’s easy to use and runs smoothly – changing speeds and incline is a dream and is seamless.