Review of TreadClimber by Bowflex

There are so many ways to stay in shape that it can get confusing to get your head around all of the possibilities available to us. There’s the treadmill, which is the preferred choice for those of us who just love to run – you get great incline for extra muscle build-up and an excellent cardio workout.

But what about the stepper – also a perfect choice if you want to work those muscle groups in the legs and get improved cardio to boot. And then there’s the elliptical that exercises the arms and legs and improves balance at the same time.

But what if you could get all of that thrown into one piece of equipment – wouldn’t that be great. But is it even possible?

You bet – enter the Bowflex TreadClimber. This machine replicates all sorts of terrain without applying pressure to the joints – in short, you can train multiple muscle groups like the three machines as mentioned above combined.

For this reason, we wanted to review the Bowflex because we couldn’t pass up the superior training you get that is like climbing up the stairs while you more or less run at the same time. So, stick around for some serious reviewing. Let’s find out if these products are really worth it.

TC200 (Highest Rated)

Bowflex TC200

Product Link & Our Rating is 9.5/10:


  • Incorporated Bluetooth technology
  • Interactive backlit display
  • Heart rate grip handles
  • Three-year warranty

With the Bowflex training machine, all of your data concerning your workout is automatically linked via Bluetooth with your smart device. In an instant, you have Apple Health, MyFitness Pal, UA Record or Google Fit – there’s no chance that you will miss out on anything when it comes to your performance and progress. Bowflex also offers their app that matches their products perfectly.

With the five integrated electronic programs, you can work or step your way to a fitter you. Just set your goals with regard to the timeframe, calorie goal, and intervals, and you are good to go. Also, you can program the equipment for up to four users – the entire family can join in the fitness mania.

This piece of equipment is indeed built for increased muscle, endurance and working up a sweat. If you want you can turn your workout into one of the toughest ever.

TC100 (Best Value)

Bowflex TC100

Product Link & Our Rating is 9.2/10:


  • Treadmill, stairclimber and elliptical all in one
  • A maximum speed of 4 mph
  • Two-year warranty

Like its sibling, this TreadClimber offers the maximum workout with the three in one exercise platform. Like with the TC200, we had a lot of fun reviewing this product, and we worked up a sweat as well.

The TC100 has an excellent compact design that comfortably fits into most homes. Unfortunately, the LCD display does not connect via Bluetooth to your smart device. Also, there are four fewer workout programs.

The great thing about a TreadClimber is that you get a three in one motion that is perfect for cardio exercise. And especially if you do not like running, it is the ideal solution to stay fit. On their website, Bowflex even claims that by using a TreadClimber you burn more than two and half times more calories compared to a regular treadmill.

In comparison to the more expensive TC200, the TC100 has two less user options and a shorter warranty.

What We Really Like

  • Three in one motion (what we liked the most) – Working out with an elliptic, a treadmill and a stepper all in one is a blowout experience. It hits most muscles groups and offers excellent cardio training. In addition, you will find no other workout machine with which you can burn as many calories as the Bowflex.
  • Multiple user profiles – The TC200 has up to four user profiles – perfect for families.
  • Free app for the tracking of your progress when you are not training. You always know where you stand no matter where you are – great technical support and connectivity.

What We Didn’t Love

  • Noisy – the sound emitted by the machine is one of the most significant drawbacks when it comes to the Bowflex TreadClimber. When we reviewed it, we discovered that the treadles let off an intense sound that sounded invasive. It’s okay if you’re alone and are listening to music. But if you live with your family, the sound may disturb others.
  • Not as sturdy as you may think – for a piece of equipment in this price range, one would expect a solid platform and moving parts. Sadly, this was not one hundred percent the case.

How Are Tradclimbers Different

TreadClimbers by Bowflex are more or less a mix between a stepper and a treadmill. Imagine that combination and the mega workout you can get. In essence, you get three exercise machines combined into one with the TreadClimber – incline exercise, stepper movement and muscle build up and the treadmill.

When we reviewed the Bowflex we discovered that you could workout for far longer and burn more calories at the same time – the fluid almost elliptical motion combined with the stepping sensation and the treadmill properties makes you far less tired than if you used any of the other machines individually.

The forty percent incline available with Bowflex TreadClimbers helps walkers achieve far quicker fitness results. You’re able to tailor your workout to different muscle groups by adjusting the incline on the easy to use console. But what most people appreciate is the low-pressure exercise that does not impact the joints – it’s fluid and smooth through and through.

Having said all of that, if you have some knowledge of TreadClimber products, then you may be aware of the fact that this equipment is very expensive. The main reason for this is that steppers are very pricey machines – so, a combination of three different technologies really hits the wallet.

Our Final Thoughts

In summary, after reviewing Bowflex TreadClimbers, it has excellent training facility with the three in one combination that offers the best of all worlds. However, the sturdiness and the quality of the treadles were a bit of a letdown. If you include the noise emitted by the equipment, then the Bowflex does not adequately justify the high price.