Top Rowers for Home Reviewed in 2018 – Our Ratings

If you have space in your house, there is nothing better than a top-rated rowing machine for a full-body workout as well as cardio fitness training. Take your cue from the Harvard-Yale Regatta, first contested in 1852, and you will immediately see the endurance and strength required to compete in this discipline.

And one of the biggest advantages of home rowing is that you can get your hands on one of the top machine for less than one thousand Dollars. Just imagine that you could train on a piece of equipment used by Olympians. There certainly is no excuse to recline on your sofa and watch Netflix – well, you might while you are propelling away to a fitter self.

However, you do not need to invest in the most high-end rower to benefit from all of the physical and fitness advantages. You can get a rowing machine that is best with even decent reviews for under five hundred Dollars. The most important thing is to get off the sofa and start training.

For this reason, we aim to present you with a selection of a top-rated indoor equipment. Also, this article will help you with some purchasing criteria so that you won’t make any mistakes.

Buying Guide for Rowing Machines

Noise Level

When looking into noise levels for a rowing machine we must first look into the various resistance levels. We say this because resistance is what creates the noise and each type toots a different tune. And if you have experience with this type of equipment, you will know that some products are virtually silent while others sound like you are paddling on an ancient war galley.

First, let us look at the technology used in a rowing machines for home. The air rower, although the preferred choice for Olympians, is the loudest of the bunch because of the fan used to create tension – a water rower machine works in a similar fashion instead using water and are almost as noisy.

A hydraulic-piston rower is virtually silent and a very good choice for your place. The magnetic rower offers virtually no friction when in operation consequently they are almost silent.

The great thing to do if you want less noise is to invest in a highly-recommended product of top-quality.

Type of Resistance

As we have briefly seen, the types of resistance are based on the technology used in the equipment. The level depends on the mechanism employed.

So, let us look at the different mechanisms in more detail. The airflow rower uses air, as the name suggests, creating friction or resistance. The faster you row, the more resistance comes your way. It is an excellent way to train and build those muscles.

Water rowing machines for your house contain a flywheel that displaces water when you pull on the handles and very much like the air product creates stronger resistance the faster you row.

Hydraulic rowers are okay for leisurely home use because they are silent – be aware if you’re in the market for a more intense workout they may not be the ideal choice as the pistons are less durable.

Magnetic rowers are the most quiet and have excellent resistance, making them our preferred choice if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

Lifespan and Durability

Lifespan and durability depends on the brand, quality, whether the product costs more than five hundred Dollars and the technology. It is vital to take the previously mentioned points into consideration before parting with your money – let’s face it who wants to row for a day and swim home.

Having said that, beware of only looking at the aesthetics of the machine and whether it fits perfectly in your home. A sexy appearance is no substitute for the highest-quality mechanisms and technology. Ultimately, you are looking for a workout and not pleasure cruise through the living room.

The perfect way to ascertain whether this type of equipment functions well for a longer period of time is to check out the warranty. Brands that offer extended warranties tend to have higher-quality and more durable products. Also, do some reviewing to be absolutely sure – previous customers will tell you what you need to know.

Are They Worth the Money?

To make a long story short – yes, they are well worth the money.

As we already mentioned in the opening words of this article, they do take up a little more space than treadmills, upright training bikes and ellipticals. However, if you can find somewhere to put the rower machine, you will not regret it.

Rowing is one of the preeminent ways to get a full-body workout that trains all of the muscles with hardly any pressure to the joints. Also, you get the ultimate cardio exercise that you can adapt exactly to your physical and medical needs.

And while the treadmill and the indoor training cycle primarily focus on the legs, the rower takes much more of your body into consideration, offering an overall fitness training experience. You will also burn fat, loose weight and de-stress. All you have to do is row for long enough.

In our view, high-quality rowers are some of the best machines to have in your home for a workout.

Workouts You Can Do

It is generally very easy to master the use of this machine. Within a matter of days you will feel as if you have been doing it all of your life. Bearing that in mind, a certain workout technique can significantly increase the benefits if you do them correctly.

The basic technique is the highest-rated one. However, even though it may look easy, getting it right may take some practice. First of all, you need to know that when you are fully extended to the front and begin to pull back with your arms and legs that you should end with the bar slightly under your pecs.

Make sure to take longer strokes rather than quick ones. The longer your muscles in the arms and legs are in tension and pulling and pushing, the more benefit and the quicker musculature growth.

Our Final Thoughts

Rowing is a lot of fun whether it is on a lake or in the comfort of your home. And the good thing is that you can do it no matter your age. It is a very much-overlooked training activity and it does not make sense because this activity is far better than treadmills and cycles.

You get a comprehensive body workout with the very best-rated cardio exercise.

Keep an eye out for the best and highest-rated rower’s equipment. Read the reviews. Also, be aware that if you’re on a budget that you can get a high-quality machine for less than five hundred Dollars.