Our List of Top Recumbent Bikes for Exercise (Rating & Review)

Most of us have gone on long biking tours outside with friends and family only to find out the very next morning that our backsides ached because of the hard seat – this is especially the case if you’re not used to this form of exercise. And the same goes for working out on an indoor treadmill or spinning bike.

Enter the recumbent bike for your home. Unlike a regular exercise bike, a high-end recumbent bike has a different construction that offers the same muscle building, cardiovascular and endurance benefits, albeit from a seated position. In short, you sit on this machine, and your back is supported at the same time while you tread the pedals for better fitness.

And don’t get us wrong, this workout equipment in no way makes your training regimen easier, just more comfortable and better for the joints, neck, and back. It is the perfect solution if you suffer from a back strain, light injury, and arthritis.

As with most exercise products, there are so many out there that we want to help you get through the noise so that you are better equipped to find the ideal training solution for your home. Read on to find out which recumbent exercise bike is the best and see our favorites and some tips.

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Your Guide to Picking the Best


Like when we are asleep on the bed, comfort and support are two fundamental attributes that affect our overall wellbeing and physique when we are exercising. There’s no need to forfeit comfort when you are in the process of your workout.

A highest-quality recumbent bike for exercising can take the pain out of your gain. With your back and neck correctly supported, you can entirely focus on training your legs, building-up stamina and muscle while you’re comfortable.

Also, you get the same if not a better biking experience in the comfort of your house – you do not have to worry about adverse weather that put a chink in your style and refreshment and the shower is only a few paces away.

No pain no gain! Why should we take those words literally? How about we gain without the pain by using a number-one recumbent exercise bike.

Additional Features

Top-rated brands offer a range of other features that make your workout more exciting and productive. It all boils down to how much you are willing to spend and whether you consider such additions of personal importance.

Some of us need loud music blaring off speakers in the background to get into the mood for a serious workout – high-end horizontal biking brands offer built-in speakers with wireless connection to your tablet or smartphone so that you have all of your favorite tracks a tap away.

Other things to look out for are data tracking so that you can compare with past exercise sessions and monitor your progress – the top manufacturers also have apps that synch with the recumbent bike.

Intensity levels and training programs are two other attributes to consider. If you need a personal trainer for motivation, some products offer online gym classes that you can enjoy at home. And when you are getting fitter and stronger, simply tap on the display and up the ante with more intensity.

More knick-knacks like fans when it is hot or in-built tablet-holders round off this fully equipped product – you have to decide what it is you really want.

Proper Shoes

Proper shoes are important for any exercise you commit to and all walks of life – the wrong clothing, equipment, and shoes can severely impact your workout and also your feet when you are not training.

Any of you remember buying those fancy new shoes and walking a few blocks? And the very next day, you’d find that your big toenail has gone black – ouch – it generally takes a year for everything to get back to normal again.

It’s even worse when you apply pressure during an intensive workout. For this reason, we decided to allocate a special section to this article concerning shoes.

Joggers and runners need shoes that have increased padding so as to safeguard the joints. If you train on a recumbent bike, you require shoes that are non-slip and are not too bulky – there’s nothing worse than slipping when you’re at full capacity – you could hurt yourself.

Is it Worth the Price?

Exercising on a Bike Reviewed

Better Workouts

We have already touched upon getting a better workout with a recumbent bike. Basically, you get all of the benefits of a spinning bike or a treadmill without the pressure to the buttocks, neck, and back.

Thanks to the padded seat, you are well supported no matter how intense your workout. Pressure to the back and neck is applied evenly thanks to the backrest that cradles the area and supports the spine. Just make sure that you don’t slip around too much lest you rub the skin on your back, resulting in soreness.

Other than that, you can focus on building up muscles, work on improving your cardiovascular performance and really become super fit in the comfort of your home and padded seat. It is biking at its very best.     

Reduce Health Hazards

As we already mentioned in the previous section, you’re definitely doing your back and neck a favor by investing in a top indoor recumbent bike with great reviews for your exercise regimen. Your back and neck are optimally supported, resulting in less tension and ultimately a pain in the long run.

The smooth running of the pedals from a seated position is guaranteed – make sure you have the right footwear for non-slippage (see the previous section).

Another thing many of us may not consider is that it is a lot safer to train indoors from the comfort of your home. And we do not mean from just a back and neck perspective but also concerning external hazards such as being hit by a car if you were on the road.

We don’t want to be scaremongers or anything and keep you locked away inside, but wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on the exercise?

Cost Efficient

You can get your hands on one from anywhere between $100 up to and beyond $1,000. It all depends on the brand and what extra features you need. How you rate the cost efficiency of the item is dependent on a number of factors.

For one, are you somebody who exercises regularly and for a more extended period? If the answer to that question is yes, then a slightly more significant investment is well worth your while.

Another thing to consider is whether you live alone or with your partner or as a family with some fitness-crazed teenagers. If there are more of you using the cycling machine regularly, then you may have to consider a high-quality brand for better durability.

In summary, we are of the opinion that this type of workout machine is very cost efficient – there is no better place to park your Dollars than in exercising.

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Our Final Thoughts

So, have we confused you enough? Or better said have we convinced you or changed your mind and converted you into the ultimate recumbent biking aficionado?

If so – we have done our job. Not from a marketing perspective because that is not what we do as such. We are more interested in that you find the right exercise product that perfectly suits your needs.

If your mind is made up and you are ready to purchase your new indoor training machine, make sure never to stop researching – this article and the reviews of recumbent exercise bike will help you make the best decision.