Our Top Treadmill for Runners

Some of you may ask yourselves ‘why buy an expensive treadmill when I can go outside and run for free?’

The answer to the question is simple really. And also, it becomes even simpler depending on where you live and how much time you have at your disposal to exercise. Let’s face it – if you are a city-dweller, you may not have the luxury of living next to a park or the beach. And the most of us have serious time constraints, and you guessed it, the first thing to go out of the window is the workout.

However, if you care about yourself and the way you look and your health, you may start to think differently about the treadmill for running. You can keep lean and mean from within the comfort of your home. And top of all, you are entirely independent of the weather. Is time limitation an issue? Much less because you can use your treadmill in the office or at home whenever you like.

If you are interested now – then, read on because we are going to take a look at our treadmill picks that are best for running and give you some perfect tips on how to navigate the fitness machine market.

Your Guide to Picking the Best

Speed Matters   

For running speed matters! It’s a fact no one can deny.

The ability to alter the speed of your treadmill via a touchscreen display makes all of the difference between a perfect experience and a mediocre one. As a high-performance jogger, you need to be able to adjust the performance of your exercise equipment depending on the level of training to get the top results.

During the warm-up phase, you may want to jog at a leisurely pace until the muscles are relaxed and ready for more action. Make sure that you stretch and do not make the warm-up too short to avoid straining the muscles and tendons in your legs.

Once you get going and depending on your level of fitness, most best-rated running machines can reach up to a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour or more. The pace is necessary for you to fully extend and utilize your stamina for the ultimate running experience.

Strong Motor

As opposed to walkers and joggers, runners need treadmills with a sufficiently powered motor to be able to reach their maximum potential. The motor needs to power the track in such a way that speeds can be achieved that emulates being outside.

Top-quality treadmills for running have motors with 3.5 horsepower or more. Walkers, on the other hand, require only 2.5 horsepower from their training equipment – that is so that you get a basic idea of the difference – see our best picks for walkers here.

A stronger motor reaches higher speeds suitable for running more efficiently. Also, cooling and the noise play essential roles – nobody wants to hear the constant whirl or hum while they are exercising. And the increased pressure on the treadmill can also overheat inferior products.

If you are into running at elevated speeds, you should keep your eye open for the above to obtain maximum enjoyment from your training.


There is nothing like moving at a leisurely pace and gradually breaking a sweat after a few miles. But for those of us more inclined to run at higher speeds and who want to increase muscle build-up and stamina, then you need to take the incline capabilities of your treadmill into consideration.

What does incline mean?

As the name suggests, it is nothing other than simulating the change in elevation you might expect when you are climbing a hill outside or jogging up some steps. We all know what that feels like on the leg muscles and breathing – in some cases, after extended climbing, you have to stop because of lack of air and burning muscles.

Highly-recommended treadmills have various incline and decline settings. With a simple tap to the display, you can gradually increase the intensity and resistance of your workout reaching up to fifteen percent incline level. Fifteen percent really works for augmented muscle and endurance training – it is like running up a steep hill.


As you have most probably deduced, treadmills for high-performance joggers come under a lot of pressure. The pressure of the footprint is far more intense due to the pummeling of the jogger’s shoes on the track. Depending on how often and how long you run, durability becomes more and more of an issue.

Naturally, it is ideal to part with some more money if you are into running for the reasons mentioned above. Sturdy, high-end products are the only ones ideally suited for this kind of exposure. If you overdo it with cheaper and qualitatively lesser equipment, the chances are that it will not withstand the pressure for a more extended period.

The track must be stronger and thicker, the motor 3.5 horsepower and above and the materials like the hand bars and mechanisms that roll the track need to have the adequate robustness to handle the pounding.

Tip: consider your weight – checkout weight specs on the product websites.  Go here to see our complete treadmill guide.

Why Active Runners Need a Specific Treadmill

Product for a Runner

We have already mentioned many reasons why an active runner needs a specific type of treadmill in the above-mentioned sections. Here, we are going to look at them in a little more detail.

As we have seen, the motor needs to have adequate power to be able to propel the track at speeds of up to twelve miles an hour and beyond. If it is too slow, you will find that you won’t have enough speed to be able to keep up with you. Also, it may overheat due to the strain.

Remaining on that note, we have not mentioned the importance of the length of the running pad. As a runner, you need a work surface of about sixty inches in length as opposed to only fifty inches for walkers. If you have space, it is even worthwhile considering something even longer than that.

The width of the track should also amply suit your needs. The standard treadmill is eighteen inches in width. You can even get them for less than that, i.e., fourteen inches. However, we recommend that you go for the higher end of the spectrum and opt for twenty inches. Of course, the size of your home comes into play here – make sure to do the correct measurements – see our best-rated treadmills options for your home.

Our Final Thoughts

Building up a sweat feels good; watching yourself improve is terrific; seeing the results of your hard work in the mirror is exceptionally satisfying and most of all, feeling great about yourself rounds it all off.

The best quality treadmill can do all of that for runners and more. We have seen the benefits of paying a little more money for a high-end piece of equipment that can do the job.

So, what’s stopping you? ‘Get out there’ or better said ‘get in there’ and run yourself to a better you.