Our List of the Top Ellipticals for Under $500

If you want an almost gym-style training experience that tones your arms and legs at the same time for under $500, you better take a look at this article now.

Let’s start with a fact – you can get an elliptical training machine anywhere from $60 way up to $10,000. Wow! That is quite a range. Now you may be asking yourself at this point, ‘what am I going to get for my paltry $500?’

Quite a bit actually. That’s why we decided to write this article for our readers. In the following few words, we are going to give you a concise and detailed overview of how you can get your hands on a best-rated elliptical for under $500. It sounds like a long shot, but it is possible – we have tested the market and reviewed some pretty good top-grade products.

But what do you get for your money?

That’s what we aim to answer here. First of all, you mustn’t have overly high expectations to start off with. We all know that you won’t be able to purchase a training machine that has state-of-the-art technology and uber-gym-style smoothness. – but bear with us and see the magic.

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Things to Consider


When it comes to performance, what you need to look out for primarily is smoothness of use. There is no need in buying an elliptical that shudders and creaks every time you use your arms and legs. You should feel as if you’re gliding. Anybody should be able to use the equipment even if you’re slightly injured or have other inflammatory issues.

It should be like walking on a cloud! This is why it is considered a low-impact aerobic sporting activity. It is an excellent alternative to jogging or if you’re having a joint pain or arthritis.

The top way to determine the performance of the machine is to take a careful look at the way the hand bars function with your leg movement. If everything is fluid, you have done a great job with your $500. You almost got a highest-rated, high-end product in your home on a budget.

Durability and Longevity

Now, most of you may think that you forfeit longevity and durability entirely if you go below $1,000 for an elliptical. And I guess that is our fault after mentioning how expensive such items can be. But rest assured, we are here to assuage that assumption. If you park you $500 with the right brand, you can be certain to have the greatest product your money can buy.

You need to look at the reviews to get a great idea of what the company can offer you. Also, be sure to check out the return policy. If you do it right, you will be able to return the equipment if you’re not impressed and are of an opinion that it is not durable and will not last long.

Warranties are another sure fire way to ascertain just how confident a brand is with their product offering. We will look into that in more detail in the next section.


Warranties are one of the top-rated ways to determine the elliptical quality, especially when you are on a budget of $500. So, be sure to check out the information page and the conditions attached to the warranties for your purchase.

Ideally, you should see something like a five-year frame and two-year parts and labor warranty. Anything in that area is good because the brand is committing themselves to guarantee the smooth functioning of their product for a more extended period. You cannot do much wrong there.

However, having said that, it may be difficult to get the same duration as for the high-grade brands – the only thing that really helps here is to do some reviewing and see what other customers have said about their purchases.

Be vigilant and don’t buy the first good thing you see – check out all the offers out there.

Why You Should Consider Spending More

Great Options for Home

As we already mentioned in the introductory words, the sky is the limit when it comes to buying an elliptic training machine. The amount of money you spend is all about you. If your budget is $500 then you cannot go much farther than that – never overstretch a budget, even if the terms of credit offered by the manufacturer are excellent – remember the housing crisis; it was credit-fueled.

But we are not here for a lesson in business and economics – okay maybe the business of the elliptic.

Moving on, we can safely say that if you want an enhanced training experience for your arms and legs that are of a gym-style quality, then you are going to have to dig deeper into your pockets. In many respects, $500 will only get you a basic machine. That is not to say that it will be bad. Just that you will not have all of the amenities, we are going to discuss next.

For one, a high-grade elliptical of this nature includes many different options that can make your workout all the more fun. We are thinking of the display that may have Bluetooth capabilities for your smart device or multiple training programs to spice up your workout.

Our Final Thoughts

Buying the greatest elliptical for $500 that is best will be a difficult task, but you will certainly get something for your money, even if it is not of a gym- or hotel-style quality and with all the special add-ons.

It will do your basic workout correctly –if that is what you want – excellent!

But if you want more, you have to pay more for the highest-reviewed elliptical. If you’re still not sure about purchasing, why not save some more money and wait until you can purchase more for your cash