Our Top Ellipticals for Under $1000 That You Can Buy

When it comes to the elliptical workout machine, the sky is the limit when it comes to price. Would you believe that you could pay upward $10,000 for a top-rated product? Believe you me; you can. And where would you find such equipment?

In high-end gyms and top hotels most likely – wow, who wouldn’t want to try one of those – it must be like skipping on clouds.

But fortunately, you can buy a high-grade elliptical for under $1,000, and it will have a lot of fun add-ons to boost your workout experience. It is a great way to exercise your arms and legs in the comfort of your own home, so you should consider purchasing one. Guess what; you could even watch your favorite TV shows while you do something for your body

It’s a convenience through and through. And that is what you get when you think about buying an elliptical for your home for under $1,000.

And this is what we want to look at in this article. We will present our best-reviewed elliptical fitness machines for the home and look into what you should watch out for to make the ideal purchasing decision.

Buying Guide for Shoppers


A workout with an elliptical can either be for endurance, musculature growth, cardiovascular training or all of them combined. It all depends on how you prime the machine for your training session. And when it comes to the elliptical, there are a few things you need to look out for.

Now, some of you may think after us mentioning that such equipment can cost many thousands of Dollars that you won’t get anything much for under $1,000, but you’d be wrong in thinking that. Most products in this pricing range offer perfect machines that will get the job done.

So what is resistance?

It is nothing other then the strength you need to apply to the pedals in order to get them moving. In other words, the more resistance, the more stringent the training session because you will have to work a lot harder to attain your goals. The result, greater muscular development and more sweat and all of it for under $1,000.


If you want to make the most of your elliptical, you need to consider the stride length. The stride length is defined as the lengthiest width of the exercise motion, which can be achieved. And it all depends on how tall you are.

So that the person using the elliptical does not place too much undue pressure to the muscles and tendons, users measuring less than five foot three, for example, require a shorter stride length. Anyone above that, i.e., five foot four to six foot and beyond need a stride length of eighteen to twenty-one inches.

Before you get going, you should determine whether the piece of equipment is rear-drive, the flywheel is located behind the pedals, or front-drive, which is the opposite. And once you have set everything in place, you are good to go.


The motion and technique and muscle use when operating an elliptical machine for any price, also $1,000, is pretty much the same as cross-country skiing. It is one of the greatest workouts as you get to use almost all essential muscle groups.

And you can target which of those muscle groups you wish to target the most by adjusting the incline on the machine. Higher stride length combined with greater incline focuses on your gluteus muscles and hamstrings.

If you decrease the incline, the target shifts to your quads and your calves. At the same time, while you are pumping away happily, the upper body gets a real workout too – and that includes the pecs, shoulders, arms, and back.

Just watch out – the longer you go, the more fatigued your leg muscles will get, making balancing a bit more of a challenge.


For a $1,000 you’ll be sure that you will be dealing with some of the most recommended brands. That is the good thing because the warranty is one of the most important attributes to look out for when buying a product online. A longer one gives you peace of mind.

As a rule of thumb, we always say that the more extended the warranty, the more durable and qualitatively better the item on sale. The reason for this is that manufacturers with extended warranties come across as more confident with regard to the longevity and quality of the machines on their website.

Preferably, a five-year frame and two-year parts and labor warranties are the best place to start when you are looking to buy and elliptic. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions before making your purchase – it can make all of the difference of a $ 1,000 well spent.

Why It’s Good for Exercise

Highly Recommended Machines for You

We have already touched upon the advantages of the elliptic concerning its efficacy as a training machine. As we already said, it trains almost all the major muscle groups like cross-country skiing. And not only that, for under $1,000 you can optimize your balance as well – it is a win-win situation all around.

In essence, you get a full body workout – you use the arms, legs, glutes, back, arms and abs just to name the significant few muscles. And the greatest thing is that you do not place any undue strain on the joints while you are training. It will probably be the best $1,000 you ever spent.

To boot, you also will have a full cardio training, increased stamina and better breathing. If you have a decent display and onboard computer, you will be able to monitor your training sessions and see how well you progressed since the previous session.

And, you can use the computer to adjust the resistance level, increase or decrease the incline to target different muscle groups and all the while you are sweating and releasing endorphins and losing calories – it is the greatest and all of it is possible for under $1,000.

Our Final Thoughts

You do not always have to spend the most money to buy the best-rated products. The best thing when it comes to the elliptical, under $1,000 will take you a long way – you will undoubtedly notice the difference after a few workouts because you will start feeling a lot fitter.

There are a few things to be aware of before making your purchase. Be sure to adjust the machine to your height and intensity level. Also, the warranty is an essential indicator concerning durability and quality. If you follow those rules and read the reviews, you should find yourself with an excellent exercise machine.